How to Preserve a Summer Tan


September 1, 2020

As we are reaching the end of the summer, the top concern on everyone’s mind is “ugh, I’m going to lose the tan I’ve worked so hard for!” I am passionate about accomplishing a summer bronze skin tone, because who doesn’t feel better when they are glowing and tan? The last thing I want is my tan to quickly drift away as a distant memory of the most fun season of the year. Of course, it should be equally top of mind to achieve a sun-kissed look from the sun rays in the safest way possible!

I’m a born beach girl and tried everything in the book when it comes to gaining a tan, maintaining it, and watching it fade away before my very eyes! I learned over the years how important it is to slather in sunscreen to avoid overexposure to the sun. No one likes the discomfort and painful aftermath of a sunburn. Not to mention, the lifelong damage the ultraviolet rays can evoke on your skin!

I’ve heard all kinds of tips and tricks for achieving the best type of tan, even many things I would not recommend! From lathering in baby oil, spraying Afro Sheen all over, or simply swimming in the salty waters and using that as the secret sauce to achieve sun-kissed skin.

With Labor Day weekend approaching and its reputation as the final summer farewell hoo-ray, I want to share my tips in attaining a long-lasting, beautiful bronzed glow to last several weeks into the cooler temps that are right around the corner (hopefully!)!

1 // Wear facial sunscreen, with 30 or higher SPF.

By now, I hope we all know the importance of sunscreen but if you’re like me, sometimes I need a few reminders on why I need to wear it ALL THE TIME. It’s vital in all ages of our life to apply sunscreen, but we need to be extra diligent about applying as we grow older. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and aging and I don’t know about you, but I want to do everything I can to delay that necessary phase of life!

For makeup days: I was recently introduced to Revisions Intellishade Original Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45. I use this right after I complete my morning skin care regimen, then apply any makeup that I want to wear for the day. I love how the Intellishade technology perfectly blends with my skin tone and the coverage it provides for my sunspots and freckles. I don’t feel oily and greasy after applying, which is a major plus. I used to think it was crazy to wear sunscreen for days that I don’t plan to be outside. However, sunshine is one fierce lady and her powers can beam onto your unprotected skin during the few minutes you walk from your car to your house!

For boat and beach days: I love the Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 40 face sunscreen. A key ingredient is zinc oxide, which is the mineral you want on your side when it comes to protecting your skin. This sunscreen comes in a cute little bottle that’s easy to store in your beach bag and simple to apply on the go. Remember to apply every two hours for max coverage. Bonus tip: Apply a tiny bit on your lips to fight against sun exposure. Lips need protection too and can show up as a pretty sad part of aging if they aren’t well taken care of!

2 // Wear body sunscreen, with 30 or high SPF.

I think most of us get this point and already apply sunscreen on our bodies whenever we are exposed to the sun. Be sure you are applying every few hours for maximum coverage and avoiding the risk of getting sunburned!

My favorite body sunscreen is Elta MD UV Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 45. This sunscreen also has zinc oxide and the coverage is smooth with strong UV protectant.

3 // Spritz some essential oils on your skin for maximum post sun care.

This is my holy grail product and tip for preserving my summer tan. This magically elixir is composed of natural vitamins and essential oils that penetrate into your skin leaving it refreshed and pulling the heat from any sunburn you may have accidentally gotten! I love how this is an all-natural product and gives your skin just what it craves for sun exposed skin! As a major plus, the mystical ingredients turn that burn into bronze!

The creators of this product came up with this blend on their own. They are lovers of outdoors and the sun and wanted to find a way to help their skin against the effects of sun exposure. On the back of the bottle, you will read that they don’t even know really how it works, but it does! It seriously is magic!

Solar Recover- After Sun Moisturizing Spray is super easy to liberally spray all over your body after sun exposure. If you choose to spray on your face, make sure to close your eyes! My favorite way to apply is right after I hop out of the shower and directly onto clean, dry skin, especially areas where it may be red. It smells lovely and leaves me feeling rejuvenated. I love it so much that I even use it on days where I have not been sunburned but want to give some extra TLC to my sundrenched skin.

4 // Moisturize your skin.

After I apply the Solar Recovery spray, I let it soak into my skin then I seal in all of the essential oil goodness with a moisturizer. I don’t use anything fancy here and I’ve been using the Jergens Cherry Almond Dry Skin Moisturizer for as long as I can remember. It’s affordable, easy to spread over my skin, and leaves my skin glowing and hydrated.

5 // Drink plenty of H2O!

The last step in preserving your summer tan is to make sure your body and skin stay hydrated. I was getting a massage recently and the therapist complimented the glow of my skin. They told me they could tell I drink copious amounts of water because of my skin complexion and texture.

The benefits of consuming plenty of water is endless. Water hydrates the inside and outside of our bodies and when you’re doing it right, your body will thank you for it! Skin is our largest organ and the benefits of proper hydration will radiate on the outside. I love the before and after photos of people who did not drink a lot water and then changed their lifestyle to incorporate the right amount for their body. The results are incredible! The wrinkles and dehydrated areas of their skin begin to dissipate, and you can see their skin and confidence begin to shine.

My favorite way to get in my daily water intake is to always have a large Yeti Rambler on hand. I prefer drinking chilled water and the insulation on both of these products keep my water just the way that I like it! My goal is to drink about 25 ounces upon waking up and hitting around 125 ounces per day. Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine how much water is right for you!

keep that tan game strong

Let me know if you end up trying any of my fave products to preserve your summer tan! Do you have any other fave tips for maintaining your summer glow in seasons to come? This summer has been one for the books. With our new boat, I hope we can continue to keep the memories alive and the summer tan game strong this fall!

xo, ajb

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