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The Daily Harvest Smoothies I’m Loving

During the summertime, a smoothie is just more attractive and refreshing than any other time of the year. Lately, I have been on a major smoothie kick, and more candidly, figuring out ways to get more greens into my diet. We are still living with my family down at the


Three Day Getaway: North Carolina Southern Outer Banks

As a born local to the Crystal Coast, I can first-hand share my favorite ways to experience a vacation filled with the beauty, history, and fun that the southern Outer Banks has to offer. With the pandemic, there is a growing increase for outdoor vacation experiences. Here I created three


30 things I learned at 30 – Part One

Call me crazy, but I had a ton of excitement this year around turning 30. My wise friends keep telling me that your 30’s are the best years of your life. My twenties were pretty freaking amazing, so if my thirties are destined to top my previous decade, then I