The Daily Harvest Smoothies I’m Loving


August 19, 2020

During the summertime, a smoothie is just more attractive and refreshing than any other time of the year. Lately, I have been on a major smoothie kick, and more candidly, figuring out ways to get more greens into my diet.

We are still living with my family down at the NC coast for the summer, having delicious seafood dinners, going on the boat just about every weekend, and having my signature margaritas more than usual (oops). We are having a summer to remember down at the beach, but my routine with healthy eating has accidentally taken a seat back for the last few months.

I saw a few friends on social media sharing their love for Daily Harvest, so I figured, why not give it a try?! With my latest health diagnosis of Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, there are certain types of food groups I must avoid to reduce symptoms. Daily Harvest smoothie offerings are gluten free and dairy free, which nails the exact type of breakfast I need for my health goals. I started incorporating their smoothies pretty consistently and I am obsessed with this addition to my morning routine.

So how does Daily Harvest work?

Each week, I open the Daily Harvest app and pick which smoothies I want delivered.  The variety of offerings ensure that you will never get bored and plenty of options to switch around each week. The app is very user friendly and lets you skip the week if you need to pause your orders (with no penalties- yay!), just with the swipe of a button.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the nutritional value packed into these little cups of goodness. Some of the more “dessert like” smoothies do have a bit more carbs and calories then I prefer, but they still sneak in healthy attributes, which is leaps and bounds better than my forever urge to binge on chocolate cake!

The ingredients are such a unique combo and leave me impressed each time, you just have to try for yourself! Once I wake up, I take my dog for a walk, pick my desired smoothie out of the freezer, pour in my favorite liquid (which is usually coconut milk), drop the contents into my Vitamix, add some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for additional protein, and within a few short minutes my smoothie is ready for breakfast!

My Fave Smoothies:

one: Carrot + Cinnamon – tastes like carrot cake

two: Ginger + Greens – tastes like ginger-y green juice

three: Blueberry + Hemp – tastes like ginger-y blueberry muffin

four: Mandarin + Carrot – tastes like citrus-y elixir

five: Cold Brew + Almond – tastes like nutty, creamy cold brew

If your mouth is watering over the thought of these delicious and nutritious smoothies, run over to Daily Harvest page to give them a try. They can be added into your day in such an easy way and I know you’ll love them!

Here’s my code for $25 off when you try Daily Harvest. Use this link here for your next order or type in code RE-M7H27RG at checkout. Don’t forget to let me know if you try them and what you think!

xo, ajb

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